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Child Care Subsidy

Balmain East Out of School care Inc is eligible to administer the Family Assistance Law, which means that families are eligible  to apply for Child Care Subsidy (CCS). CCS is paid to the Approved Provider and is applied as a reduction in child care fees. This child care subsidy replaced the Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR).

Service NSW Voucher Program for Before and Aftercare 

As you may be aware, the New South Wales Government BASC Voucher Program gives families access to a $500 voucher per child to support the cost of accessing BESC, our on-site before and after school care and vacation care centre. 

The BASC Voucher Program discounts the gap fee at BESC so that families claiming the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) can access a number of sessions with no out-of-pocket cost. The number of sessions covered by the voucher will depend on the percentage of CCS your familiy recieves. 

BESC is an approved OSHC provider and eligible families can claim and redeem their voucher using the link below,

Before and after school care voucher | Service NSW

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